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Flash and Photoshop

Graphic Design Course Details• Flash (Animations)
• Photoshop(Graphic Design)

Web and Animation with Flash

Flash Course Summary • Introducing the Course
• Learning the Basics
• Creating Graphics
• Using Text Effectively
• Creating Animation
• Building a Navigational System
• Using MovieClips for Interactive Rich Media
• Adding Sound and Video
• Publishing

Introducing the Course
About the course
Course objectives
Course prerequisites
Course format
Internet applications: The big picture

Learning the Basics
Introducing Flash
Using the Flash interface
Creating a new Flash document

Creating Graphics
Importing graphics
Layering Flash elements
Organizing content in layer folders
Creating graphics
Using the natural drawing tools
Using color effectively
Creating a color swatch
Reusing graphics as symbols
Masking content

Using Text Effectively
Using the Text tool
Creating input, static, and dynamic text fields
Using embedded or device fonts
Manipulating font properties
Building forms in Flash
Using the text property to populate fields
Anti-aliasing text
Using text components in Flash

Creating Animation
Introducing animation
Creating frame-by-frame animations
Creating motion tweens
Using motion guide layers
Creating shape tweens
Adding Timeline effects

Building a Navigational System
Creating buttons
Adding behaviors to buttons
Creating MovieClips
Using a MovieClip as a wrapper
Dividing files into multiple SWFs
Loading a SWF into a MovieClip

Using MovieClips for Interactive Rich Media
Using MovieClip events
Structuring applications using nested symbols
Building a MovieClip with different states
Using the Timeline for application states

Adding Sound and Video
Importing sounds
Using behaviors to load sounds
Adding video
Using the Flash video components

Publishing Flash for web use
Using Flash and HTML together

Photoshop(Graphic Design)

Photoshop Course Summary • Using the File Browser.
• Basic Photo Corrections.
• Working with Selections.
• Layer Basics.
• Masks and Channels.
• Retouching and Repairing.
• Painting and Editing.
• Basic Pen Tool Techniques.
• Vector Masks, Paths, and Shapes.
• Advanced Layer Techniques.
• Creating Special Effects.
• Preparing Images for Two-Color Printing.
• Optimizing Web Images and Image Maps.
• Adding Interactive Slices and Rollovers.
• Creating Animated Images for the Web.
• Setting Up Your Monitor for Color Management.
• Producing and Printing Consistent Color.

Open and Organize
Introduction to Photoshop
Opening an Image
Organizing Your Photos
Using Metadata
Batch Renaming
Printing Thumbnails
Creating an On-Screen Slideshow

Highlights, Midtones, and Shadows
Brightness and Contrast
Automatic Image Correction
Adjusting Brightness Levels
Correcting with Curves
Compensating for Flash and Backlighting

Correcting Color Balance
What Are Hue and Saturation?
Fixing a Color Cast
Tint and Color
Colorizing a Grayscale Image
Correcting Camera Raw

Making Selections
Isolating an Image Element 99
Selecting Colored Areas with the Magic Wand
Using the Marquee Tools
Selecting an Irregular Image
Drawing Precise Curves

Crop, Straighten, and Size
Whole-Image Transformations
The Order in Which We Work
Auto Crop and Straighten
Straightening a Crooked Image
Using the Crop Tool
Resizing an Image

Paint, Edit, and Heal
The Essential Eight, Plus Two
The Three Editing Styles
Coloring Scanned Line Art
Adding Fills and Textures
Dodge, Burn, Sponge, and Smudge
Healing and Patching

Creating and Applying Masks
Seeing through Photoshop’s Eyes
Using the Color Range Command
Re?ning a Selection with a Quick Mask
Extracting a Photographic Element
Designing a Mask from Scratch
Putting the Mask in Play

Adjusting Focus
The Subterfuge of Sharpness
Sharpening, Blurring, and Averaging
Sharpening an Image
Gaussian Blur and Median
Using an Edge Mask

Building Layered Compositions
The Bene?ts and Penalties of Layers
How to Manage Layers
Arranging and Modifying Layers
Importing and Transforming Layers
Masks, Knockouts, and Luminance Blending
Working with Layer Comps

Text and Shapes
The Vector-Based Duo
Creating and Formatting Text
Drawing and Editing Shapes
Bending and Warping Type

Layer Styles and Adjustments
The Amazing World of Live Effects
Layer Attributes Versus Layers
Adding Layer Effects
Applying Strokes and Glows
Simulating Re?ections with Bevel and Emboss
Fixing Problem Effects
Creating and Modifying Adjustment Layers

Printing and Output
Local Printing Versus Commercial Reproduction
Printing to an Inkjet Printer
Preparing a CMYK File for Commercial Reproduction
Packing Multiple Pictures onto a Single Page

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